Asset Protection

The features of Cartrack, such as Live GPS Tracker, Geofence, and Remote Immobilizer, can help you track assets while keeping you from irresponsible drivers and crime.

Business Scale-Up

With an automated asset-monitoring system and real-time notifications, your work will be more efficient. Scaling up of your business will also be easier.

Cartrack develops fleet management systems that are intelligent and innovative, giving you access to:
• lifetime warranty
• 24/7 customer service
• lifetime software updates

24/7 Lifetime Support

No need to worry about additional expenses for installation, because it is already included in the product package price we offer.

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GPS Tracker for Car Rental Business


 Live GPS tracker & geofence


Live GPS Tracker

Monitor the location and activity of your fleet vehicles in real-time wherever and whenever you are―whether on a PC or mobile. You can use Cartrack's fleet web or mobile application that is available on PlayStore and AppStore.

Driver Alerts

Identify and get automatic notifications for poor driving behavior, such as harsh braking, acceleration, and turning; speeding; and idling.


Cartrack has a consistent reputation for providing the best fleet management solutions and services, with high reliability and financially sound. Cartrack's patent technology is designed and produced internally by our team. The installation can also be adjusted specifically based on the needs of each customer's car rental business.

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Manage such as vehicle maintenance schedules and registration certificate extensions easily through the Reminders feature. You will get notifications, which you can set by time, clock, and kilometers.

Founded in 2004, Cartrack has grown into the world's leading fleet management technology solution. Currently, Cartrack is present in 23 countries across Africa, Europe, the United States, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East. With more than 1.1 million active subscribers, Cartrack becomes one of the largest telematics companies that can be relied upon globally.


 Remote car-immobilizer

 Driving behavior monitoring

 Car maintenance scheduling

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Monitor fleet vehicles activity in each geofence, which you can set by yourself for such as no-go zones and dangerous zones. You will receive automatic notifications when a vehicle enters or exits the geofence.


Remote Immobilizer

Turn off the vehicle's engine remotely, either through a PC or mobile, when you identify a car theft or rental agreement breach. The engine of the car will not start again after the driver turns it off.



The car rental business has several risks that need to be anticipated, such as damage and loss of cars. Cartrack's features do not only help to track the car location, but also monitor driver behavior and car maintenance, as well as provide security when there are indications of car rental agreement breach to car theft. Thus, the Cartrack fleet management system can protect your rental assets, help maintain optimal car conditions, and scale-up of your car rental business.

Optimize your car rental business!

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