Assets & Goods Protection

Cartrack features can help protect vehicles and drivers as assets of your logistics business. Similarly, protect the safety of goods carried by the driver. 

Increase Profit

Cartrack helps optimize the operation and productivity of the logistics fleet, ensures the delivery process runs smoothly, increases efficiency, and guarantees customer service satisfaction, thereby giving a positive impact on your company's profitability! 

Cartrack develops fleet management systems that are intelligent and innovative, giving you access to:
• lifetime warranty
• 24/7 customer service
• lifetime software updates 

24/7 Lifetime Support

No need to worry about additional expenses for installation, because it is already included in the product package price we offer, applied for Jabodetabek and Surabaya area.

Free Installation

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No. 1 GPS Tracker for 

  Manufacturing & Wholesale 



Live GPS Tracker

Monitor the location and activity of your fleet vehicles in real-time wherever and whenever you are―whether on a PC or mobile. You can use Cartrack's fleet web or mobile application that is available on PlayStore and AppStore. 

Task Manager

Cartrack has a consistent reputation for providing the best fleet management solutions and services, with high reliability and financially soundCartrack's patent technology is designed and produced internally. The installation can also be customized based on the need of each manufacturing and wholesale business customer.

Optimize Your Manufacturing & Wholesale Business!

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Through the Communicator tool developed by Cartrack, you can monitor the status of tasks delegated to your driver, track proof of delivery, communicate directly with the driver via the chat feature, & inspect operational vehicles through reports from the driver. 

Established in 2004, Cartrack has grown into the world's leading fleet management technology solution. Currently, Cartrack is operating in 23 countries across Africa, Europe, the United States, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East. With more than 1.1 million active subscribers, Cartrack becomes one of the largest telematics companies that can be relied upon globally. 


Optimize Your Manufacturing & Wholesale Business!

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Plan the most efficient route based on travel history comparisons. You can also monitor drivers in the specified route, be aware of any deviations or delays that occur. 

Route Planner

Driver Alert

Identify and receive notifications for poor driving behaviors (harsh braking, acceleration, and turning; exceeding speed limits; idling). Combine with the Driver ID add-ons to track the change of drivers who use the same vehicle. 



Optimize Your Manufacturing & Wholesale Business!

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Fuel Sensor

Control costs by monitoring fuel consumption in real-time. You can also prevent fuel theft when identifying a large amount of fuel reduction in a short time and mileage. 

Reduce Operational Cost

From tracking engine activity, temperature (for cooling cars), driving behavior, and fuel consumption, you can find savings opportunities. The integrated and automated GPS Tracker system also helps reduce administrative work, which leads to increased productivity. 

Timely Delivery

To make it easier to create and assign jobs, you can see the estimated time and distance, the closest driver to the location, and the fastest route through the Cartrack site. You will also be informed when the driver receives and starts the job. 

Cargo Door Sensor

Monitor cargo door opening and closing activities to find out the time, location, and length of time the cargo door was opened. This way you can track if shipments are out of the assignment. 

Temperature Sensor

A temperature sensor ensures that the item traveled at an optimal temperature. A warning will be sent automatically when the temperature in the storage cargo rises beyond the tolerance threshold for a certain amount of time. 


Monitor vehicle fleet activity in any geofences that you can set yourself, such as operating and restriction zones. You will receive automatic notifications when your vehicle enters or exits the geofence zone. 

Panic Button

This button allows the driver to send a signal in an emergency case to the fleet manager, so assistance can be sent immediately to avoid greater losses. 

  Track location, route, and mileage  

  Monitor working hours

  Manage fuel consumption

  Monitor driving behavior

  Make automated reports

  Schedule vehicle maintenance



With Cartrack's smart reports, the administrative load reduced because you don't need to create reports manually. From the data recorded by our GPS tracker, you can have around 50 different types of reports. You only choose the reports you need for your manufacturing/wholesale business, download in PDF or Excel, and schedule to send them automatically to several e-mail addresses.

  • Stop Time Report
  • Idle Report
  • Odometer Report
  • Vehicle Last Position Report
  • etc.
  • Refuel Report
  • Fuel Efficiency Report
  • Driver Assignment Report
  • Daily Activity Report
  • Temperature Sensors Report
  • Summary Trip Report
  • Working Hours Report
  • Geofence Visit Report
  • Driving Behavior Report
  • Risk Manajement Report

Driver Identification

Improve driver management with tag system which identifies drivers, controls vehicle access, and records working hours.